Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Fun Place

It's so nice to read all the nice welcome back comments from everyone, I feel like a I have to confess I don't have much to blog about today, but I don't want to abandon the blog for another (cough) 3

Didn't get up to much this weekend, Aunty B is off, so it's just kpuff and I :). the last few weekends have been weddings, bridal showers, etc.

For those of us who live on the mainland there's a semi-new place at opebi called "The Fun Place" (I think, I have to double check), it's actually quite nice. I'll say it's geared towards children from about 2 to like 10, there's not much for the 2 year olds except a large play pen which kpuff was perfectly fine with. Also, most of the rides are geared towards kids aged 3 years and above, one of their staff said it was ok if your child is younger though(me I no do that one Definitely check it out if you live in the neighborhood, at least it's something different to do. Also pls someone convince me to take kpuff swimming, I'm soo embarassed I've never taken her swimming (we went to the beach over the break though), I don't want to wet my hair and I soooo don't feel like

Well that's about it for now folks, sorry there's nothing jucier, have a great week.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Knock knock, anyone still here? I'm sooooooo sorry. Much much much has happened and is going on. For one we need to come up with a new name for kpuff she's slimmed down considerably (she's not ill or anything I think it's just cause she's more active). She's still not in school :(, I promise that will happen by her 2nd birthday which is next month!!

Mr. and I are no more, long long story don't want to discuss it on here so that's that.

Business has been quite good so thank God for that, I'm also working on pet project which I will share with you all soon, looking forward to that. My christmas and new year were fantastic both my sisters were around with their husbands/significant others.

For those of you who warned me, Kpuff has finally learnt to say "NO" as a result her favorite answer to everything is a loud "NO!!!!", we need to fix that.

That's about it for now, have a Happy Easter everyone!