Thursday, August 16, 2007

I spoke to an old friend today, before today I hadn’t spoken to her in about 16 years, we lived on the same street for about 3 years till I turned 10 or 11 then my family moved. Talking to her brought back a flood of memories both good and bad. There were 3 of us who were about the same age on the street, we went to birthday parties together, went to ‘lesson’ together, went to the club together, everything but go to the same primary school. It was at one of their houses I watched the first Nightmare on elm street, the cosby show (though I didn’t get the humour at the time…lol) and countless other ‘cool’ shows. It was also from them I found out what various dirty words meant…lol. Funny thing is I could have contacted them at any point over the last 16 years, at least we were in the same country before I traveled in 1998 and I made absolutely no effort for reasons I honestly can’t remember. It was also in that period I discovered the bitchy back biting tendencies of girls and I must admit I fully participated in these activities as well……..(that was before I became ‘deep’ and took my women studies feminism Whatever the case I’m glad I spoke to her and actually looking forward to meeting up with her hopefully soon.

In other news, I have a new nanny, Miss B. I met her through the girl that does our feet. She started on Monday and since kpuff is in her normal diva state she’s definitely not letting Miss B. just carry her without a fight…lol, but at least she’s blowing her kisses and waving bye when she leaves, trust me that’s a lot for kpuff to do for someone she’s known for just a week.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Lol...thanks for all your suggestions for my friend. You guys really are a crazy bunch. Unfortunately/Fortunately, my friend is getting cold feet, so the search is off (that's what I get for trying to hook a brother

Anyway, what's new with you folks?