Tuesday, February 13, 2007

History of Love

So Mr. and I went to the History of Love 101 concert over the weekend. The turnout wasn't great and like most things Nigerian it was poorly organized. I was really looking to Paul I.K. Dairo and Donell Jones. Paul's performance was a joke, I think on the way to the venue they saw a couple of girls hanging out and asked them if they wanted to come along and be his backup dancers.

There were 4 of them in total, 2 men 2 women, I didn't really notice the men cause the women left me with a lot to think about. The first girl had some scarves tied to her upper arm, had on a dress/shirt thingy (these days you never know whether they are dresses or shirts) and leggings (yes leggings not spandex), and some ankle boots or something, she seemed really intent on acting play on stage. The second girl had on a 'face-cap' (yes face-cap not baseball hat) some runner shorts (like the type male track athletes wear) and a top. I hope I'm giving you a good enough visual, infact even better, you remember when you were younger and you did 'step dances' with your sisters/cousins/etc for your parents/uncles/aunties? yeah that's exactly what it was, only worse. My apologies if you know any of these chicks but a little practice never hurt anyone.

(Donell Jones) Then Donell, oh Donell my love, I really liked his performance, it got to the point that I was singing so much that one guy on our table told me and his wife/girlfriend to go join our husband on stage...lol. His DJ was actually sort of attractive, in that ghetto I'll bitch slap you type of way, if that's your thing of course. Maybe I just miss NY a little too much....lol

D'banjand his Kokolets

Now one person I hadn't given much thought to was D'banj, boy did he put on a show. Granted, he yelled a lot of 'things' I'll rather not have heard but you could tell that he put some thought into the performance. Homeboy game out in a bright purple sequinned outfit, looking like a straight up pimp. He had me saying 'kokolet' and 'mamalet' (heeeeeey!!) all day......lol (let's hope this doesn't last too long). He even had a 'towel girl' who just came between songs to wipe his sweat..lol. I'm not even going to talk about the whole 'anaconda' thing.

Chante MooreKenny Lattimore
I'm not really Chante and Kenny fans but they put on a good show as well, they really make a cute couple. By the time 112 came out there about 50 folks left, they didn't come on till like 2:30 a.m. they were good as well.


All in all it was a good show, I kinda felt sorry for the stars though because the crowd was so dull (yeah I know that includes me, but it is what it is..). Where are all those crazy hyper people when you need them?...LOL

So was it worth 50K? probably not but I had a decently good time. Sorry my camera batteries were weak so I couldn't take more and better pics.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Run Down

I've had a crazy week so far, of course in between I've kept up with the latest blog gist...LOL

Had to go to Ayinke House close to the Airport to see a doctor. That place is a dump, so how did I end up there you ask? I have been looking for a pediatrician for my kpuff kpuff since we got back and everyone kept recommending this same doctor, and after trying to make an appointment with her for like 1 month, she finally got in contact with me and said she works at Ayinke house on Mondays so I should stop by and see her there. So we got there, asked for her, after everyone pointed us in different directions we finally arrived at her office, meeen her office was hot there was no light (yes I said no light at a hospital) so they had a small gen on that couldnt' carry any fans. She wasn't there so we had to wait for her, thankfully, she showed after about 10 mins. She was actually a lot nicer than I expected, considering the circumstances, she examined kpuff kpuff and told us she is doing perfectly fine and is pretty big :-D for a first baby, then she recommended us to another hospital to get some shots she's due for at 9 months. Looking around while we were waiting at that hospital, I really felt for anyone who had to be admitted there, rude nurses, pungent smells, I mean the works. Yeah we have to find a private clinic with a good ped, pronto. I'm not going back there anytime soon.

I had an 11 appointment with a dentist on Raymond Njoku. Their office wasn't bad, trust me I've been to enough dentists to know bootleg ones when I see them. Anyway, she attended to me about 20 mins late (not bad by Nigerian standards) and told me I need to yank out my tooth cause it was badly infected to salvage :(. So after about 40 minutes of prying, drilling, suctioning, my tooth was pulled out and I was left with a large gaping hole where it once was (don't worry the tooth is in the back so I can still do sisi....lol). Anyway, they asked me if I wanted dentures or a dental implant to replace the tooth, I think I am a little too young to be putting my teeth in a glass when I'm going going to bed, so I opted for the implants, which she said in total are going to cost me about 900 pounds plus one other thing thing that will cost an additional 300 to 400 pounds. The amount of money I have spent on this mouth of mine, it better start bringing money back for me quick quick.

First thing this morning I had to take my baby to get her shots, so my plan was to wake up early take her as early as possible, drop her back at home then go to the bank. Well I woke up got ready and was about to just wipe her down and change her only to find out she had diarrhea...eewww, and her nanny hadn't come yet so I couldn't hand her over to anyone. So of course this delayed us another 30 mins cause I had to clean her up and give her a bath. So we got the hospital and this one was another mad house, it was like an assembly line of mothers and babies. If you see the way some children were crying, I was really tempted to run out of there, but I didn't want to seem unappreciative as our neighbor doctor had gone through a lot of trouble to introduce us to the Ayinke House doctor who recommended us here for the shots. Anyway, after they called my baby orobo a few times and begged her not to break their scale, she got her two shots (measles and tuberculosis) and we have to go back on the 28th for yellow fever. Sigh. She cried small sha, but nothing that 'pat-a-cake' couldn't fix. So I rushed back home dropped her off and headed to the bank.

I have been having some problems with my bank, my clients/employers wired me money since Jan 15th and the money is not in my account, when I checked last month and it wasn't there I thought they hadn't sent it yet since it wasn't the end of the month yet. So I asked the HR chick and she said she had sent it already and sent me the confirmation. Meanwhile Standard Chatered say they never receive any money o!, that the last money was received in December. So this morning, swollen cheek and all (from my extraction yesterday) I marched to bank and demanded to see my account officer Ayo, Ayo wasn't around so I had to see some other guy Bayo who then told me to bring one document or the other from the NY folks so they can trace it. Once they get it they will have information for me withing 48 hours. I'm not feeling this shit at all, if it ends being the fault of the bank, me I'm moving my account oh!

Oh and after working like a 'jackie' yesterday when I got home in preparation for todays deadline, I was told it had been pushed to Monday. And Mr. got by caught by LASMA yesterday too for driving in the opposite direction on a one way, (this is the second time this has happened and we've been in lagos 3 and a half months).

I have also decided to let my nanny go, I will give details in another post, I have to get back to work.

Let's hope Thursday and Friday are a lot better.

Congrats to TMinx and Baba on their Blog wedding!!