Thursday, June 29, 2006

She's Here!!

Actually she came 2 months ago, April 26th to be exact but I have been too busy to blog. Labor is not a joke, ladies everything they tell you is true :( but you forget the pain really quickly so it's all good. So my cutie pie weighed 7lbs 11 ounces at birth and now she's up to 13lbs 8 ounces, this chick tries to eat everything that touches her mouth. I have sent her pictures just about to everyone I know (ex-boyfriends included).

I definitely have a new found respect for mothers, it's amazing how much they do effortlessly. One of my friends was asking me what it felt like to be a mother and I said "not too be corny or anything, the feeling is undescribable", can you imagine this boy then said "yes it does sound corny", chei, anyway no wahala he go born pikin one day.

Other than changing diapers and feeding baby not much has been going on, my sisters wedding was last month, it was beautiful but the stress was not easy, that's the definitely the last time I'll be a maid of honor. I've started working from home and I'll go into the office in about 2 weeks or so, I'm not losing weight as fast I thought I would, I have been trying, seriously I have, :(, pilates every other evening, and 4 mile walks at least twice a week. I will be a MILF by force!!