Thursday, June 26, 2008


Thanks for the all the comments and emails, it's amazing how time flies, almost 2 months since I updated :( - sorry. So much has happened over the last 2 months, Kpuff's birthday was a hit, a few of us (about 10 folks) went to fun place, Kpuff was really really clingy (which isn't abnormal - but damn), but I hear she had fun when I left to drop off her cake at home, I'm starting to think Kpuff pulls all these stunts only when I'm present..hmm. My birthday was just alright, ended up not doing anything :), I did get nice gifts though ;).

My ISP's (Direct on PC) put me through hell over the last month or so, Bungalow practically became my office, what's a girl to do now. Please send all VSAT recommendations for the mainland my way, I need a decent backup ASAP.

Well that's all folks, speak to you soon :).