Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunday March 25th, 2007 around 11 p.m.

Me: What's that sound?
Mr: Nothing, probably kpuff kpuff
Me: Ok
(few seconds later...even louder rustling of a plastic bag)
Me: No babes something's in this room put on the light
Mr: (puts on light)
Me: Oh shit!!! it's a rat!! did you see it?!!!
Me: (runs out of room screaming, leaves kpuff kpuff behind - every man and baby for himself {don't worry she has a net over her crib so it couldn't have gotten in}
Mr: where is it?! where is it?!
Me: it ran under the chair!! shut the door!! shut the door! kill it!!! and 3 million other
Me: (standing on chair in leaving room, listening.., my cousin goes in to help him)
Mr: (loud banging sounds coming from room)

Few minutes later Mr. emerges with the dead rat (my knight in shining :) (Kpuff kpuff actually slept through all

Moral of the story no food in the bedrooms, these Nigerian rats don't play.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sorry guys not much has happened since my last post. I'm kinda on vacation :) absolutely nothing to do.... (ok I have stuff to do that I don't really feel like doing). My last day was Thursday, it was weird to stop work after 3 years with the same group of people...anyway, I still don't regret my decision.

Kpuff Kpuff is walking now....:), infact she's dancing as well, I think she's preparing for her My dad says she walks like a

Oh and for all you moms with young kids at what age do you start discipline? (I mean saying 'no'...etc. NOT whipping/beating/lashing...etc). I'm getting the sense that Kpuff Kpuff is starting to take advantage of me, I've been spending more time with her since I stopped working and she throws tantrums and flings herself on the floor when I don't give her what she wants. In most cases what she wants is very specific, like she wants the phone and it MUST be open, and it MUST have music playing already, otherwise she'll fling it out of my hands. Yes I know, what absolute rubbish, please is there any other way to stop this short of ignoring her and letting her cry her head off?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Kpuff Kpuff is turning one next month...yey!!! Please help I don't know what to do for her birthday, my head is swirling with ideas and I can't organize my thoughts, pinatas, life-sized cartoon characters, shiny squeaky things, balloons, party packs, movie poster invitations, themed baby pictures of each young guest ......someone, anyone, please help!!!

Or should I just go somewhere where they plan everything for you with bouncy castles and all that crap...but kpuff kpuff wouldn't play in bouncy castles!! I mean my kpuff kpuff is very mature she likes the finer things in life...I just don't see those things appealing to

What if I go through all this and she cries all day and clings to me...oh boy....or should I just do something small, just immediate family with a cake and candles? and plan the big shin dig for her 4th, 5th or whatever age they start to appreciate these things...

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The last few weeks have been a bit rough for me, for one I handed in my resignation (I know I know) everyone thinks I'm crazy but I couldn't do it anymore, these people were making my life miserable and basically looking for a way to fire me, so I took the graceful route and gave them notice, my last day is March 15th.

On to better news, I found a similar opportunity with another company in the UK we are still ironing out the details, so hopefully it works out otherwise I better go and register for NYSC (gulp). I know I should have waited till this was final to quit but believe me I couldn't do it, I tried.

Also, I finally hired a web developer, he's not as experienced as I would have liked but he seems dedicated so lets keep our fingers crossed.

So on to my nanny gist even though the woman hasn't acted up in the last 2 weeks or so I am still going to let her go at the end of the month. One of our family friends was having a birthday party for his 1 year old son, Mr. and I wanted to go somewhere else, so we planned to go for a few minutes and leave baby and the nanny there so the driver brings them back after an about an hour or so...sounds like a good plan right? well mrs. nanny didn't think so. here's how it went instead

Me: Mrs Nanny you will just go with us to the party and Mr Sunday will bring you back when you guys are ready, Mr and I will leave from there.

Mrs Nanny: ah no oh! you should have told me earlier I didn't bring anything to wear, these are work clothes I'm wearing

Me: something to wear? you know it's a baby party right? you want to dress up for a baby party? (I was getting a bit irritated at this point)

Mrs Nanny: yes oh

Me: (repeats myself) you know it's a baby party? you want to dress up for a baby party?

Mrs Nanny: Yes, I don't know who I will meet there.

Me: whatever I can't force you to go (off to think of another plan)

(after a few minutes, I came back)

Me: Mrs Nanny, you really have to be more flexible (we had had a similar argument a few weeks back about how she couldn't come early on saturdays and she couldn't leave late) I can't always tell you things in advance so you should bring a spare outfit and leave here in the event you have to follow me anywhere

Mrs Nanny: eh that's what I'm saying you have to tell me early

Me: I can't always tell you early, so bring an outfit

Mrs Nanny: (ignores me and continues making baby food)

Me: (goes downstairs)

Now normally I am very patient person (ok I lie I'm not) but I've been very patient with Mrs Nanny so far being she's old enough to be my mom. Does this woman want me to yell at her? this will simply not do, I will not work with anyone regardless of age who doesn't respect me.