Monday, September 03, 2007

So I found out that, kpuff kpuff has been hustling the other little kids in school for their biscuit, chai. Apparently when the other kids are eating their biscuits during lunch Kpuff kpuff is supposed to be eating her yoghurt cause I don't want to get her started on sweets, but the allure of the other kids biscuits is too much for her to bear, so she goes to hit them and take their I know but funny all the same.

In other news, Aunty B or Miss B (I don't remember what I named her) is doing great so far, I am so so happy :). Kpuff is actually quite attached to her already, she actually goes to her willingly from my arms and trust me that's pretty impressive. So due to my new found freedom :) I've gone out quite a bit in the last 2 weeks. Iwent to Pattaya (near Mega Plaza) 2 weekends ago, their food is really really good so if you're up for thai food and you're in that area definitely check it out. I also finally went to Saipan this last weekend the decor's really nice but it was a bit noisy I think there was a dinner party or something going on. And then ended my evening at 6 degrees which was packed as usual, I couldn't help but think about 36s' sisters' ordeal, funny enough when I was leaving there were so many police men outside. Thankfully I had no drama.

So the following words have been added to kpuff's ever expanding vocabulary:

Wa wa = dog (correction from a few weeks back, I thought it was rah rah)
Wa wa = lizard, roach, anything else that moves that isn't
waaaa wa = grand pa
maaaa ma = grand ma
ma ma = me
daddy = mr.
oh oh (and a little jiggy) = play me yahooze so I can dance.. (lol...I'm serious)