Monday, November 16, 2009

Nanny Diaries + It's November!

Is it just me or did this year just 'fly' so quickly?, it's scary man, all the things I wanted to have done by the end of the year, let's just say I'm still working School run is sooooo not fun, my God I have a new found appreciation for my parents, and for all of you that were screaming "St. Saviours, St. Saviours!" how far with all the homework? I feel like I'm a student there as well. Oh well oh well.

So I never told you about all my nanny drama. Miss B is gone, I'm not even sure what happened, all I know is she came back late from her weekend off I scolded her and she stormed into my home office with her resignation letter, whaat? I didn't even bother asking her why she was leaving...

Two (very long) months later I hired Miss M, Miss M, was introduced to me by the lady who does our pedicures, who of course vouched a 100% for Miss M's personality. First thing I noticed when she started work was that she was 'booming' when I say 'booming' you don't even understand, if she was in the living room, three hours later, you'll know she entered the room because she left her 'signature' scent behind. I bought her deodorant and told her to wash her underarms with lime, no dice. My mum was going crazy with the smell and asked her to go bring all her lotions, it turned out she was using a bleaching cream that smelled really bad, go figure. The sad thing is, she wasn't willing to let it go, every time you smell it on her again, she'll tell you she was cleaning fish or something (yes it smelled that bad)

To top it off, her problems didn't end with the stench, she also had quick fingers. I can tolerate a lot, but I can't do thieves. Anyway long story short Miss M's short tenure ended up at the police station cause she 'fapped' my jewellery (another long story, think I overdid it with the police, lesson learned). My pedicure lady promptly 'disclaimed' her at this point.

Then came along Miss Togo B, this is her second month, and so far so good. My main issue is that she doesn't speak well which Kpuff could potentially pick up (Kpuff picked up 'H-animal' from Miss!). Anyway let's keep our fingers crossed, I'm soo not ready to switch nannies again.

Meanwhile my mum was saying some jazz like I shouldn't get another nanny (before Miss Togo B resumed) cause kpuff is so much better off when I'm involved in everything she does (like duh!). Abeg, I can't do it, call me anything, I like my work, I like the break from a crying child, and I'm very happy to have a life outside of my role as a mother, more power to all the stay at home mums and dads!