Friday, September 18, 2009

Kpuff classic

Ever so often kpuff cracks me up, I always mean to share with you all but by the time I get around to it I've forgotten or don't find it as funny

So on our way home from school today (finally decided on St. Saviours....more on that later) kpuff decides she wants to play with my phone and it went something like this

Me: no you can't play with my phone, its not working cause you've dropped it too many times

Kpuff: it's working!!

Me: no its not are you going to give me money to fix my phone?

Kpuff: yes (with a mischevious smile)

Me: where are you going to get money from?

Kpuff: from my 'molopoly'

If only it were that easy.


Naija Chickito said...

Hmm, got here first! Still got the hang of this. How you doing mommy? So good to read your post again.

Tinu said...

shes sooo cute!!I really do wish molopoly money was real money!

doll said...


9jamommy said...

@naija chickito....thanks love, I'm good, how're things with you? see you got hitched, congrats :)

@tinu...mehn if only, I rock at


chichi said...

lol oh how i wish monopoly money was real money :)
st. saviouos, playing money...kpuff is grown o

chichi said...

urgh...i need to spell check before i hit send :) i meant to write:
st. saviours, playing monopoly...kpuff is grown o

Anonymous said...

yay ya for st. saviours!
kpuff is going to turn out great - if slightly perfectionist due to all that being the best is our goal chanting lol

Anonymous said...

Nice choice. see you in one of those PTA and the fun day. I hope you are not one of those women who hang out at the gate every


hahaha, oh, if only it was that simple.

Hope all is well with you guys!

9jamommy said...

@chichi...who are you telling? it's scary, she's like a little adult already!


@anonymous 2..I already missed the first PTA :(, 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday! jeesh, I hear I'm going to be fined or something, I'll go for the next one :-D. Have you been saddled with making a costume for the nativity play? Hang around the gate ke?

@solomonsydelle...thanks dear, all is well, how are the 3 little ones?